Propaganda for Interfaces

PVP has developed into a branching network of possible futures; projects and speculations of the future of para-fictional environments of occupation, to experiential modes of design or true-sight. To tie a few together, a cohesive concept of further representation has arisen from the trials and errors of materialization and the "parables of the virtual". 

"For the purpose of expanding human perception, the future generations of our interfaces and creations will be non-euclidian; dynamic objects and spaces created from experience through time.

Attempts to view our new creations will be hindered and eventually pointless as such things are translated without the element of time. Abandon now our two-dimensional screens, orthographics and planes for projection. Adopt instead the projectile mode of conceiving, representing and experiencing."

No longer will still images and traditional translations of "diagrams" of PVP be so easily read. For when something non-Euclidean is subjected to a representation of Euclidean nature, information goes missing; moments of the in-between that cannot be captured or represented formally. What if our attempts to 3D print always came out shifted and blurred, perspective images glitched and torn, orthographics absent of life? Perhaps at this moment, when tools are no longer able to repeat dated processes, architecture and design will abandon the recording of history and elicit hinge-dimensional experience. Then our tendencies for projection will also project into the future.