Placing forces at the forefront

To begin a new study under PVP branching into theories formulated from the early research, it has been determined that investigation into forces may prove fruitful. The software Houdinifx has been chosen as the stage in which a majority of these experiments will take place, as it is robust in computational power and extremely flexible. 

The premise, without divulging too much of what will be clarified in papers to come, is that the topics discussed in PVP may lead to explorations of alternate design processes. To be slightly more specific, ones that break away from preconceived notions of design and form around the "context" in which they will be used. The reason forces are being focused on for this study stems from the belief that operating in extreme environments that allow for 6DOF (degrees-of-freedom) and that movement and orientation become much more dynamic, complex elements and could, therefore, drive a design process. This is not to say that they will not be paired with other elements but that, at least for now, they could lead to compelling investigations that have to potential to reconfigure our perceptions of space and design. With the advancements in design, technology, the virtual and the ventures leading off our rock called Earth, these thoughts should be crossing many minds as we begin to question what we have evolved to accept under our limited conditions here. 

The images and video here are early studies in which the control of forces around a curve are manipulated. A set of particles are introduced for visualization purposes. From this, many more experiments will begin and categories of conditions will form in which more concept and definition will be able to be applied. Playing with absurdity will hopefully produce some knowledge; we will see. 



Jellyfish_V0-12 (Still_F.435)

Jellyfish_V0-12 (Still_F.435)

Christopher Pope