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When it comes to the creative mind, flexibility and direction sometimes prove more useful than control. If one could look closely at a quartet of master musicians it would appear that they feed off each other and require no director; feeling the cues and improvisations of each other to bring the music to life. This is how I interpret the mind of the designer. Everything can serve as inspiration, and excitement to chase an idea most likely leads towards a more intense, fruitful exploration and result. 

What you will find here will reflect this mindset. A belief that keeping an open mind and eye will lead to the most unsuspecting solutions, and creativity can be unpredictable.  I do not limit myself to what I design; if an idea is worth the time and leads towards new skills and realms I tend to experiment with it, and I take the cues and learn from them. 

"Absurdity gets us closer to feeling far futures"

- Lucy Mcrae - 



Christopher Pope holds a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University and a Master's in Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During his time in Texas Christopher developed an interest in materials and digital design and fabrication. Through the College of Architecture's study abroad program, a fascination with travel and broadening perspective  evolved with a six week intensive studio in Seoul, South Korea. This lead to participation in the BIADW international competition in Busan, South Korea the following year. Following Texas, North Carolina offered the opportunities to continue various explorations, including an additional six week studio in Seoul, South Korea as part of a small team of students bound on submitting work for the first ever Seoul Biennial in 2017. Experience continued to develop in the areas of advanced machinery and fabrication upon arriving at UNCC. Through focusing hundreds of hours refining skills with various 3D-printing techniques, CNC programming and material experiments, a desire to explore alternative uses and design processes for both material and tool introduced intensive studies into computation. This new interest drives current research and speculation into a future of alternative design processes evolving around experience based conceptual translation and hyper-reality as a possible future for representation. 

Asylum Reperio represents the cumulative interests that drive an endless exploration into the complexities of an ever evolving contemporary landscape of design. From rethinking material relationships in contemporary details, to speculating issues of context and future interstellar spaces, this place offers inspiration and a place to house hopefully an evolving collection of work that shows intensive and spontaneous interest in design across a vast spectrum.