Seoul Studio 2017

Artifact | Commerce | Landscape

In collaboration with: Brittany Battaile, Merrick Castillo, Bekim Sejdiu, Ibha Shrestha, Jonathan Warner

Professor: Jeffrey S Nesbit 

Research Assistant: Douglas Cao

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Studio as Research & Design Cohort

As a body of intensive investigators, the members of this Seoul Studio acted as both researchers and designers during this fast paced five week project. In a humble attempt to understand the inner-workings of Seoul as outsiders, the studio documented all observations, commentary and speculations about the sensitive area surrounding Namdaemun Market. The following document was produced during the studio's brief time in Seoul goes further in depth into the issues and concepts than depicted here.



MULTIPLIED ground | No Ground | Artifacts in time

This design research investigates the behavior of urbanism in the city of Seoul, offering evidence of an extremely stratified and adaptive urban landscape. This urban fabric is often expressed through physical separation and historical isolation; the urban spectacles of Seoul Station and Namdaemun Market. Through decoding the inherent behavior, implanted artifacts exaggerate stratification while a new landscape creates ripple effects over time. This work attempts to regenerate such disruptions and project an ever-evolving ecosystem not only of Namdaemun Market but the throughout the extents of Seoul megalopolis.