Polyvalent Perception



(PVP) is a body of design research revolving around spaces of variable perception, occupation, and relativity. Its aim: to explore realms that force one to abandon the preconceived notions of habitation and traditional design. This exploration will touch on issues such as what is "new" in architecture and design, how representation/projection and their mediums can impact such things, and what designing in new settings of micro or variable gravity can mean for future generations. 

Case studies and projects will be added here when complete, otherwise reference the "word" section for in-progress work. 


Edit May 2018

Currently there are two stages in process. 

V:1 speculates larger concepts of our spatial perception and uses case studies to develop definition.  

V:2 addresses specifically the issues of representation and "diagramming" and works towards realizing new modes of addressing the larger concepts


Case Studies