Ferrous Intrigue

Variable Breakdown

Parameter Diagrams_V1.png


Following early studies, for a greater understanding of material control and simple computational transitions, parameters were defined and tested. Rotation, changes the form because of the vectors direction between poles in relation to the test cell. Strength and Proximity effect structure and vector build-up. Density also effects the build-up and structural integrity, as well as transparency. In the following studies each parameter set was tested twice against the layered and premixed powder-resin mediums. 

Resin & Filings_Mound_Top.jpg
Close up_1.jpg
Resin & Filings_Open_Top.jpg
Resin & Filings_Open_Side.jpg

Computational Transitions

While these studies informed further material interests, their results and variables were used to inform computational experiments as well. Besides computation that would inform future fabrication processes, periodically the work informs 3D-modeling and representation. The following attempts to take parameters and effects into a Field Forces script which then generated the taxonomy of projected imagery.

Combined Grid.png